Friday, October 17, 2014


Hi there everybody!

Welcome to my new and improved blog.

To those of you who never read any of my previous blogs, here's a bit about me.

My name is Jessica, and I'm 13 years old.
I live in Australia, and I have 4 younger siblings.
I'm really girly, and absolutely love fashion and dancing! I do Irish dancing which I started in February. It's great fun, and it's wonderful seeing so many of my friends every week.
I have a pet rabbit, called Snuggles.
I also love singing, sewing, playing the piano, mucking around with my best friend and reading.

Well, I think I've covered pretty much all of it. Thanks for coming to check my new blog out, and I really hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing on it. Please come back soon!



  1. You live in Australia???
    That's so cool!
    Do you have an accent?

    1. Hi Jordy,
      Yes, I do.
      Sort of, although a lot of people say I sound british, even though I've lived in Australia all my life XD