Sunday, November 23, 2014

Another post. Well, sort of :/

I really haven't posted in a while, have I?

I only just remembered today.

What am I going to post about, I wonder?


Maybe I could tell you about my dance concert? It's coming up really soon, actually. Just less than a week now.

I'm in about 5 or 6 dances. I'm doing two of hard shoe (one hornpipe and one made-up one consisting mainly of three different sequences done two times each for the part I'm in, right near the end.)

Two soft shoe (One is Glencar reel and another is based off Jump-Jump reel, both of which are heaps of fun!)

I'm also doing the can-can, and the grand finale.

And possibly a few others.

My best friend (who has been dancing for about 3 years now) warned me that we tend to get chucked in a lot of other dances at the last minute (during the rehearsal on the morning of concert day), so hopefully I'll pick them up fast xD.

I'll have to post some photos of my costumes at some stage. We'll get photos taken there, so I'll probably post them when I get the dvd and photos at some stage after the concert.

Oh yeah, and I can finally do toe stands in my hard shoes, yay! I've been practising them for a couple of weeks every day now, and I can do one for about 1 minute without my feet giving in. It's really helping strengthen my weak ankle as well, and it looks really cool.

It's fun doing toe stand turns as well, which are technically not Irish, but I like doing them anyway :)

I guess I'd better go now.

See ya later!



  1. Wow! I know absolutely nothing about dance, but all that sounds really hard!
    Good luck on your concert!

  2. Hey, I nominated you for the You Are Amazing and So Is Your Blog Award :)