Monday, July 13, 2015

The Many Strange Things Which Have Happened At Dance Class

So, we all go to dance classes with one purpose, right?
To learn how to dance in a particular style.

But what really happens?

Sit back and let me tell you about all the peculiar things that have happened between dancing.

  • Paper fights. It wasn't my fault, trust me. He started it! *Glares at Reuben "What did I do? You started it." "No I didn't, you poked me with your paper first!" "No I didn't!" "Yes you did!" Cues another paper fight.
  • Stupid arguments about dance-related issues. Such as, "It was this step after that bit in this dance." "No it wasn't, it was this step!" "Which way do we go now???" "We go this way!" "No, I was sure we went this way cause otherwise it mucks up our partners." "Well, I don't know. Just ask the teacher for goodness sake." Yeah, you get the idea.
  • Eating. Because we all know that dancing makes us super hungry and we can't wait to eat something. Plus dancing on a full stomach is perfectly safe, right? Not. But we do it anyway...
  • Competitions. Who can get the loudest stamp in the jig? I bet I can!
  • General Socialising. Well that's what we're here for, isn't it???
  • Homework. Because there is simply no time to do it anywhere else when you're an avid reader, sewer and writer. (Although to be honest, almost no work actually gets done there anyway, due to being interrupted by various friends who want to know why you're on your laptop while waiting to be called up for dance class)
  • Exercise with skipping ropes (because there are a few skipping ropes at the dance studio meant for small children to play with) which usually ends in dares of trying to do skip-two-threes, flies and overs whilst using the rope for other people's entertainment.
  • People running at other people while holding chairs above their head for no apparent reason just so the person whom they are running towards will scream and jump out of the way.
  • Accidentally burning oneself with copper wire and a AA battery--just don't ask. It wasn't me, I'm not stupid enough to try doing it.
  • Being chased with a vacuum cleaner. Again, don't ask. 

Do any of these weird things ever happen at your dance class?
Let me know in the comment box, people.
~Jessica xox


  1. LOLOL! This was sooo funny!
    I did take dance for a while when I was younger, but half the time the teacher never showed up. So I eventually quit.

    1. Haha, I'm glad you thought so :)
      That kind of sucks, I'd be so frustrated if my teacher did that.
      She's not a super organized person, and my class usually runs about an hour over time these days, but at least I still get to dance xD
      ~Jessi xox