Sunday, July 12, 2015

A new addition-Warning! Picture heavy post!

Meet the latest addition to my doll collection!
She is a re-named "Naomi" Pullip doll, Lyric Serenade Williams.
A friend of mine was having a clean-out and didn't want her anymore, so she gave her to me!
I was super excited, because I've wanted a Pullip doll for a while now, but never did anything about it.

Her hair was very, very long and super matted closer to the end. My friend and I decided to cut the matted stuff off so at least it's a little tidier until we get her a new wig. Shhhhh...don't tell anyone it's meant to be a surprise!!

This was after we cut her hair. Although here it's back in a ponytail so you can't actually see, but once my mother has evened the ends off and I've found a way to make it sit down, I'll take some pics of her with her lovely hair let loose.

As you can see, she poses very well.

I got excited and did a mini photo-shoot with her xD
Recognise the fabric from her dress???

I think this one's my favourite. New profile picture maybe?

That was on Friday. On Saturday I made her a heap of clothes.
Well, maybe not a heap.
She still needs more.
I'm currently working on some 18th century underwear to go under a rococo Lolita dress for her.

But anyway, at least she has something decent and she's not running around half-naked now.
Then I did a proper photo shoot with her.

Excuse the horrible mess of her hair, it didn't want to cooperate with me :/
Lyric still wears her original wig that she came with, and I've heard many horror stories about the Pullip stock wigs and how terrible some of them are, and it's obviously getting replaced soon.
It has settled down a little since I did this photo shoot though.

Recognise the dress fabric yet?
I'm gonna post a pattern for the bodice soon as well, so keep an eye out!

A really kooky angle in this one.

She looks so sweet in this photo :)

Shows her whole body....

Did I mention she can blink?
Her eyes are controlled via two buttons and a lever at the back of her head. Each button makes an eye close, or if ;you push it up slightly it makes it open. The lever makes them move from side to side or she can stare straight ahead.

She has pretty glittery blue eyeshadow :)

Because of her eye mechanism, she can even wink!

Did I mention that the poor dear has no hands (for now)?
My friend kinda accidentally lost them, so I'm keeping my eye out for a new body.
If anyone knows where we can get one, please let me know!

So I took her hair out.
As you can see it's a bit uneven (Rhiannon and I are certainly not the best hairdressers xD)
And it won't sit down properly.
Although it's a bit better now, after leaving it down for a couple of days.

I love this photo as well, this one is on of my favourite poses for her :)

Now Lyric is showing off how articulated she is

"Look at me everybody!!!"

Don't fall over Lyric.

Now I don't have any photos of her naked...yet...
So I will explain her body to you.
Lyric has what is known as the "type 4" Pullip body.
Personally, I think it is the nicest one, it has a pleasing shape and good functionality.

She is jointed with ball joints at the
Wrists (if she actually had any xD)

Also jointed
Just under her bust
Mid upper-arms

But these are other types of joints. The ones on her arms are able to spin around so she can rotate her arms, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Okay stuff it, I'm just going to find a picture:

Does that make a little more sense now???
Okay, good. Pretty much any given friend of mine will tell you that I suck at describing and explaining how things work and all that. It's easier for me to show you a picture....

Now you can't really see the joints in her upper-arms, but they're still there, trust me.
In the hand that's on her hip.
Yeah, that little thing.
Look almost exactly in the middle of her upper arm.
You see it?
That little tiny joint?
Sorry if you don't, it's pretty hard to notice.

Also on the type 4 body, there are some joints that can come apart.
Her knees can come apart, if you pull on her legs. The whole leg up to the knee comes off.
Same with her hands (that's how they got lost).
And her elbows.
With the other joints it isn't so necessary, but with her hands it's certainly a good idea because you can get those tight sleeves on easier without stressing about breaking her delicate little fingers.
Although don't forget where you put them.
Just don't.
You can't buy replacement hands.
You have to buy a whole new body (although they're not too expensive compared with the original price of the doll).

Just for old time's sake I'm going to insert a stock photo of dear Lyric.

Pretty cute, huh?
I wonder how she got her crazy hair.
It looks pretty tame in the photo.
And before you ask, no, I do not have her original clothes as they were also lost.
But perhaps they might turn up.
You never know.

Well, reader, thank you so much for staying with me through this very long and ramble-y post. I hope you somewhat enjoyed it and all the pictures didn't take too long to load.

After getting my first one, I am now addicted to Pullip dolls and think I might collect them instead of AG.

Here are some reasons (don't worry, this won't take long)

  • They can fit in a drawer, or on a shelf. I can get a whole heap of them if I want to, and don't need extra space for them.
  • I think Ruthie is enough for me for now. I want another AG, but I already have so many dolls (did I mention I have kept the majority of special toys from my childhood as well?) and not a lot of place to store them.
  • I love dolls that have so many joints like this and can pose so nicely. Lyric will be even better once I've fixed her a bit :)
Okay, maybe they were all stupid reasons, but I've still made up my mind.
I'm going to collect Pullip dolls.

Once I have fixed Miss Lyric, I will be saving up for a Sailor Venus Pullip.
Why that is is a whole different story.
If you want me to tell you, I can.
But I'll save that for a different post.

Do any of you have Pullips?

Goodbye for now
~Jessica xo


  1. oh, she's gorgeous! i think you've convinced me to start looking into pullips. ;)


    1. Thank you Maddie!
      I think so too xD
      You totally should, they're so pretty :)

  2. Lyric is absolutely gorgeous! And the whole hands falling off and then losing them is kinda common with the fourth body, heheh ^_^

    If you're looking for a new body, I'd recommend an obitsu. They're a lot sturdier and even more poseable the the stock body. You can order them from junkyspot.com.

    As for wigs, I highly recommend LUTs. The have a large selection of wigs for a reasonable price, and the wigs are all high quality and soft. The 9-10 inch wigs fit best in my experience.

    Anyways, hope that helps! :D

    1. Thank you Aerenne, that was super helpful!