Sunday, July 12, 2015

Unexpected Stock-up at Spotlight

The other day we went to Spotlight because my sister wanted to get some supplies for needle felting.
I came along as well, not planning on buying anything though.
I was wrong.

There was a sale on fabric that was already marked down a heap from its original price, so I bought a whole bunch of stuff (compared to the fact that I normally get enough to make 1-2 doll dresses each time I go if I have money)

I'm currently working on some items to hopefully get my etsy shop opened in September, so I needed some nice light fabrics for some pretty spring dresses :)
Here's what I got:

This is everything :)

This pretty rayon print was one of my favourites, it's really soft to touch and hangs beautifully.

Vintage apple chiffon. 
I want to have a go at making a dress with Liberty Jane's "Woomera Dress" pattern and this is the fabric it suggests. It is yet to be seen how it will turn out ;p

Aqua print drill.
As soon as I saw this one, I thought "shorts!". So I got it to make shorts xD

Printed Japanese Lawn.
I don't know what I liked about this, but it was just so pretty I couldn't leave it there.
I'd like to get more of it sometime to make myself a Lolita skirt, if there's still some left at the shop :)

Printed quilting cotton.
Quilting cottons are such beautiful quality, they last well and hang nicely. I'm a huge fan of blue and green, so this was perfect.

Flowers and stripes printed cotton poplin.
I saw this one and immediately thought "Lolita skirt!" :)
So since I don't have one yet, I'm going to make a basic full gathered Lolita skirt with this. I actually have a pintucked shirt that is about the same colour as the lighter pink stripes, and could work for Lolita with a couple of small adjustments, so now I'll have a pretty skirt to wear with it.

Zodiac printed quilting cotton.
Now this is for Miss Ruthie.
She wants a steampunk/gothic Lolita dress.
I'd planned to make her one.
Then I saw this fabric.
Perfect xD

So that is everything I got at spotlight. A few of the fabrics shown here have already been turned into small items of clothing, as I've been very busy sewing lately.
Those which I haven't used yet, you'll most definitely see in upcoming posts.
Another upcoming post will be a preview of things I've made to sell in my etsy shop.
But not yet.
You have to be patient while I keep sewing xD

See you later!
~Jessica xox


  1. I needle felt too, sometimes. I've made 3 guinea pigs.
    The Aqua print with all the... Um... Arrows? Irregular hexagons? Anyway, it's really pretty.

    1. Same, I had a go with one of my sisters' kits and made a little heart :)
      That's awesome! She loves guinea pigs!
      Haha, I like that one too.
      ~Jessi xox

  2. Those are great prints. I like the different colors. So many options for projects.

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you like them :)
      I'm pretty excited about using them all in the future!